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Moksha VIP Presale

Moksha VIP Presale

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Introducing Moksha: A Revolutionary Meditation Tool To Breathe Away Stress

Not just another meditation app

Moksha is the first of its kind deep breathing tool that connects to a mobile app to make meditation fun and easy

Backed By Science

There’s one simple way to unlock the secret to better breathing:slow down your exhale. The simple action of taking a deep inhale through your nose followed by a slow exhale through Moksha promotes relaxation.

Moksha is scientifically engineered for longer, deeper, and more controlled exhales – naturally calming you down.

Play Games, Get Rewards, and Track Meditations Using Your Breath

  • Gamification: Your breath controls the app and various games within the app
  • Rewards: Earn rewards to your favorite stores as you breathe
  • Tracking: Unlike any other meditation app, Moksha tracks your meditations using sensors and takes out the guesswork on if breathwork is done properly

Forming a habit out of meditating is extremely difficult. 

95% of users stop using meditation apps within days of downloading them because they require discipline, time, and effort.

Moksha takes the guesswork out of meditation. Built on ingrained habits of oral fixation and instant gratification, Moksha tracks your breathwork directly.

Meditate In 3 Simple Steps

1: Remove Moksha from its sleek, portable rechargeable case providing full-week battery

2: Select an interactive exercise or game within the app

3: Breathe through Moksha

Tech Specs

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