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What Is the Beam?

Beam is an anxiety necklace + whistle optimized to help deep breathing and reduce anxiety & stress.

How It Works



What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety is triggered by a conscious or subconscious set of stress factors that cause fear to manifest in your body. Once this occurs, you are thrown into a cycle of mental and physiological changes that become increasingly harder to break the further they develop. 

Where Does Moksha Come In?

We designed the Beam to allow you to control your stress and anxiety before it becomes an issue. There are three main benefits that arise from wearing our device backed by the medical community:


1) Prevention - Beam serves as a reminder to calm down by simply wearing it

2) Enforcement - Beam works better than practicing deep breathing exercises by yourself because it gives you one less thing to focus on - the exhalation time

3) Break the Cycle - The only way to break the cycle of anxiety and panic is with significant intervention, so Beam serves as the first important step

The perfect split-path airflow design assists mindfulness breathing. It helps with breathing techniques including belly breathing, guided breathing meditation, and panic attack breathing.

Free Meditation App Subscription

1000+ Breathing Exercises. Data Driven Insights. Build Steady Habits. Free subscription with purchase of Beam



316 high polished stainless steel

Beam Dimension

2" x .2"


25" Stainless Steel

What's Included

⬛️  Stainless Steel Anxiety Whistle

⬛️  25" Stainless Steel Necklace

⬛️  Premium Box For Storage and Protection

⬛️  Free Access to Moksha Breathing App

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