Tips to Quit Vaping

Tips to Quit Vaping

Vaping has become increasingly popular over the last decade as an alternative to smoking. Although there is a perceived benefit of vaping to your health, it still poses significant risks. Many people who begin vaping are trying to quit altogether, so here are a few tips that can help you.

Set a Date To Quit

The first step in your journey to quitting vaping is to set a specific date to quit. The date should not only be specific, but it should also give you ample time to prepare for the transition. Once you’ve decided on a date, create an action plan to outline the exact steps you’re going to take in order to quit vaping. This can include some of the additional tips below, such as support groups, creating support systems, and more.

Identify Your Triggers 

Vaping is commonly associated with specific sets of triggers that vary person to person. These can include stress and boredom as well as anxiety. Figuring out the triggers that apply to yourself can help you better understand what makes you pick up your vape, but more specifically it can help you find the strategies to cope with them.

Find Support

The proper support system can be the make-or-break in quitting vaping. Whether it’s friends, family or communal support groups, surrounding yourself with the right people will help you through the process. Healthcare professionals can also guide you to additional support and resources if you’re unable to find them yourself.

Avoid Temptations

Avoiding temptations that make you want to vape can be challenging. This could mean skipping out on parties or gatherings where vaping is commonplace, and it is best to remove your vaping devices from your daily environment. 

Quitting vaping doesn't just involve stopping the habit, it also means replacing it with healthier habits. Exercise, meditation, and mindfulness practices are great alternatives to vaping and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Find Healthy Replacement Habits

One of the best ways to quit vaping is to replace it with healthy habits. Exercise, meditation, and mindfulness practices are natural ways to cope with stress and anxiety which may be your trigger for vaping.

Alongside that, many people just need to find something else to orally fixate on. Moksha provides an all-natural breathwork tool to replace your vape and give you something else to focus on.

Celebrate Your Successes

Quitting vaping is a huge accomplishment, and it takes mental fortitude to do so. Celebrating your successes and milestones along the way, no matter how small, can help you stay motivated to continue the process of quitting.

In conclusion, quitting vaping may not be easy, but it's not impossible either and you aren’t alone. By following the steps above, you can successfully quit vaping and improve your health and well-being.

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