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Fidget Jewelry for Anxiety: Does it Really Work?

Remember how fidget spinners were all the rage in 2017? Well, they aren’t the only products that are known for distracting your mind. 

Fidget jewelry such as an anxiety fidget ring can be a great tool for those adults that need a hands-on way to ground themselves during a panic attack. Below, we look at how fidget rings work and whether they really can help someone with anxiety. 

What Are Fidget Rings and How Do They Work?

There is a growing market for anxiety-related products. From deep breathing tools to desk toys such as the famous Fidget Cube. Many of these products are in high demand, yet until recently not many people were aware of another product focused on calming anxiety: fidget jewelry. 

As anxiety sufferers know all too well, physical sensations such as a racing heart, sweaty palms, and hyperventilation can be overwhelming during a panic attack. Oftentimes, these symptoms can cause us to panic even more. The aim of fidget jewelry is to give users a repetitive way to distract themselves from anxious and negative thoughts. 

So, what exactly is a fidget ring and how does it work? 

Fidget rings come in various forms - rings with beads on them that can be fiddled with or “spinner rings” that have a disk that can be spun. There are even anxiety fidget rings that people can chew on if they so please. Using a similar concept to fidget spinners, these items have moveable parts that can be manipulated back and forth - but are much more discreet and stylish. 

Wearing the ring and manipulating it during times of stress or anxiety helps the individual to focus on the task of moving the ring rather than their anxious thoughts and physical sensations. According to a psychologist from Stanford University, fidget items promote calmness as the hand motions help us to “reconnect with our bodies” - a similar result that can be achieved through meditation. 

Why Fidgeting Can Be Calming For People With Anxiety

But why is fidgeting considered as calming for anxiety sufferers? Surely it would just add to their uneasiness, wouldn’t it? This is a common question that many ask. During stressful times or even periods of boredom, it is normal for people to feel restless. 

Combating anxious thoughts and sensations is hard to do without some form of distraction. Many people develop bad habits in these situations such as biting their nails or picking at their lips. Fidgeting productively can help them to be restless in a more effective way. 

Fidgeting happens because as cortisol levels rise and the “fight or flight response” is triggered, our bodies prepare themselves for sudden exertion. Yet, not every situation (such as a work presentation) allows us to expel this energy straight away by going for a run. But this energy has to go somewhere and fidgeting is the perfect way to use it. 

As the energy is released, many people find fidgeting to be a soothing activity to keep their minds busy and distracted from how they are feeling in the moment. 

When to Use an Anxiety Fidget Ring

Many people like using fidget jewelry for anxiety - such as fidget rings - for the sole reason that they are discreet while also being an aesthetic piece of jewelry. Due to their slim, modern design, many find comfort in knowing that they can use the anxiety fidget ring no matter what situation or environment they are in. 

Below are several situations that anxiety fidget ring users found these products helpful in: 

  • Work: Many people find that their panic attacks are triggered by work-related stress. Whether you are in a business meeting or just sitting at your desk, you can subtly use your fidget ring as a source of comfort without drawing attention to yourself. 
  • While travelling: Whether flying stresses you out or you feel panicky when travelling on public transport, this is another example of a situation where wearing fidget jewelry for anxiety can be beneficial. 
  • Driving: For some people, driving is a relaxing activity but for others, it can be their worst nightmare. Being stuck in traffic or spending long hours in a car can cause stress levels to rise. Wearing an anxiety ring on your finger means you can calm yourself down while keeping your hands in the ‘9 and 3’ position on the steering wheel. 
  • Social events: Many individuals suffer from social anxiety, especially around the holiday season. Whether you are at a party or are in a shopping mall, being surrounded by a group of people you don’t know that well (and those you do) can be a trigger for panic attacks. 

  • Ready to invest in anti-anxiety jewelry and see if it works for yourself? At Moksha, we have a growing collection of products that are aimed at supporting people during stressful and anxious times. Our Calm Collection features jewelry that gives people the tools they need to ground themselves and get a moment of clarity. 
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