Moksha Anxiety Necklace: How does it work?

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety is triggered by a conscious or subconscious set of stress factors that cause fear to manifest in your body. Once this occurs, you are thrown into a cycle of mental and physiological changes that become increasingly harder to break the further they develop. Even when you are consciously aware that you shouldn't be panicking, your body is physically and inwardly having these responses that end up consuming you.

A woman with anxiety overthinking.

Where Does Moksha Come In?

We designed the Beam to allow you to control your stress and anxiety before it becomes an issue on the mental side. There are three main benefits that arise from wearing our device backed by the medical community.

A close-up picture of the Beam anxiety necklace.

1) Prevention 

The Beam serves as a reminder to mentally calm down your physical and emotional wellbeing. By simply wearing the necklace, similar to wedding rings or tattoos, Beam serves as a symbol of calming you down. Just wearing and feeling our device on yourself functions as a reminder, similar to how the extensively researched "breathe" notification reminds smartwatch users in the tech world.

A woman doing yoga to prevent anxiety.

2) Enforcement

If you feel yourself having the initial signs of an anxiety or panic attack, the Beam is there for you to have something to distinctly focus on: deep breathing. The reason Beam works better than practicing deep breathing exercises by yourself is that it gives you one less thing to focus on - the exhalation time. The size of the opening and two-flow airway is crafted to provide the ideal resistance for your exhalation. More thoughts lead to more anxiety.  So relax and breathe with Beam.

An illustration of a woman doing yoga.

3) Break the Cycle

One day the stresses of life catch up to you and you’re in full-on panic mode. Your mind is racing, your breathing is increased, and your body has created a fear response. The only way to break the cycle is with significant intervention, and the Beam serves as the important first step.

A man walking in the wilderness with the caption 'Break the Cycle'.

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